Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe To Use While Traveling?

 If you asked people what diatomaceous earth was, they’d probably tell you they have no idea what you’re talking about. Diatomaceous earth, in specific food grade for humans, is one of nature’s best-kept secrets – although it is gaining in popularity amongst the vast majority of people who wonder what some of the best all-natural health solutions truly are. This all-natural cleansing agent has several uses both for personal use and around the house and while on the road traveling.

We get asked frequently on our suggestions for making sure you protect yourself while eating new foods and dishes around the world while vacationing and traveling – and our top recommendation is a simple solution in silica/DE.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

 Diatomaceous earth is a white powder that is actually the remains of diatoms, which are single-celled algae that were present in the oceans during the prehistoric period. Once these algae died, their exoskeletons settled at the oceans forming huge deposits of diatomite. Through climate change, several deposits now reside on land and are mined and sold as diatomaceous earth.

Industrial Grade DE
Industrial grade DE is used in agriculture and in food processing. Industrial grade DE filters out toxins and harmful agents from our food and even our beer. Filtration systems for outdoor pools also may use diatomaceous earth to prevent harmful bacteria, parasites, and other toxins from surviving in the pool.

Since industrial grade DE is much more potent than food grade DE, it cannot be consumed by humans. It is highly recommended that you use gloves and proper eye and mouth protection to avoid any potential side effects from coming into direct contact with industrial grade DE.

Food Grade DE
human grade DEFood grade diatomaceous earth is more commonly used although it primarily marketed as an insecticide. Since diatomaceous earth is cylindrical in shape and its’ outer layer contains sharp edges, diatomaceous earth is perfect for eliminating toxins and for cleansing purposes. In fact, farmers and pet owners commonly use diatomaceous earth to eliminate parasites such as tapeworms from anything from a horse to a pet cat or dog.

The sharp edges slice up the exoskeleton of a parasite like a tapeworm causing the parasite to die. The remains are trapped in the cylinder and removed through regular bowel movements. Other toxins are eliminated through urination and DE works fairly quickly to eliminate toxins without harming the animal.

Food grade DE isn’t just for pets though. Many humans consume food grade diatomaceous earth to cleanse their bodies. Heavy metal detoxification is one of the most common uses for diatomaceous earth in humans. Aluminum and cadmium are two harmful heavy metals that can be eliminate through diatomaceous earth detoxification.

Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe?

A lot of people have questioned whether or not diatomaceous earth is actually safe. If you do a search on PubMed or any other medicine publication for DE, you will see it is well researched and reviewed. Food grade diatomaceous earth is considered safe for humans whereas industrial grade is not. For the most part, there are zero side effects of diatomaceous earth use, although this depends on each individual person.

You may want to remember to drink a few extra glasses of water while taking diatomaceous earth since it does act as a natural diuretic. This may cause excessive thirst during the first few days and this is really the only complaint that most diatomaceous earth uses have. If you lower the dosage or account for the loss of water, you’ll be fine and should have no worries as you detoxify and cleanse your entire body.

Travel Enthusiast Company Options Domination Holds First Trading Session

After months of preparation, excitement, and fanfare, Options Domination went live on March 31, 2015. Members began trading on the Nadex, via the Options Domination platform and co-founder Hitesh Juneja was there to oversee and take notes in preparation for the work ahead.

In his words: “It was so many things- fun, insane, intense – but most of all – worth it.”

His notes from the first session included ideas for improvement and outlined major points of what he expects to achieve in the upcoming days and weeks to make improvements in the Options Domination system.

Hitesh Juneja’s Notes From the First Trading Session

First up, he noticed server capacity wasn’t quite up to snuff so that will be first order of business. Secondly, he plans to focus on major pairs, types of trades which are prevalent among all the brokers currently used by Options Domination.

Since the goal for this company is to expand so that round-the-clock trading is occurring, Juneja will constantly be seeking new trading sessions around the globe. Much of his time will be spent seeking new trading sessions. Once he finds them, his work is not complete: they must be tested and then prepped for use on the Options Domination platform before they’re ready for member use. His goal is 3 to 4 sessions per day, staggered so at any given moment trading is possible. This paves the way for the global release of the OD system, where it’s operating in every time zone at convenient trading times.

Options Domination trades on the Nadex platform, but not exclusively. However, Nadex is the leader in options trading markets, and thus had its own way of doing things. To achieve seamless integration with the Nadex platform, specialized programming is required. Therefore, Juneja will be considering Nadex-only trading sessions. Of course this will take time, testing, and re-testing before it’s ready for implementation by the OD crowd.

Obviously one of the keys to success for the OD system is constantly increasing network of brokers with which members can choose to trade. Junega and his staff will be seeking new ones right away. He states that he hopes to have them in the back office within a day.

He also promised to get back to creating more training videos for members, and now that Options Domination has launched he’ll have the time to do so.

What is Options Domination?

For those who don’t know, Options Domination is a membership club providing training, support, and a customized options-trading platform. Founders claim the training system leads complete beginners with no knowledge of binary options trading towards self-sufficiency and the ability to earn an income by trading on the Nadex market and others.

Traders make limited risk contracts which have only two possible outcomes, based on a yes/no question (e.g. “Will Walmart stock go above $43 before 3pm?”). Traders place several options per day, and the average works out to be in their favor, hopefully. Each trade incurs a fee.

The Options Domination platform takes advantage of brokers who offer discounted or free trades, thereby saving members money. It’s totally legal and offers a fairly secure way to earn an income. I found a helpful in-depth review of Options Domination here:

Options Domination is part of the same family of opportunities as DS Domination, a training system for making money by drop shipping between several of the major online discount and auction sites like eBay and Amazon.

Both companies are co-founded and run by Hitesh Juneja, the main technical guy and big brain behind all the programming for both platforms.

Jeunesse Global Network Marketing Company

Jeunesse Global MLM Review

The network marketing company, Jeunesse Global sells a variety of skin care products and dietary supplements. Jeunesse is a fairly young network marketing company that has quickly garnered a reputation for selling some of the highest quality natural skin care products.

Jeunesse operates in dozens of countries around the world and continues to expand its’ operations. It is one of the fastest growing network marketing companies around the globe, and there looks to be no end in sight for Jeunesse’s growth.


Products Sold by Jeunesse

Jeunesse sells a variety of skin care and dietary supplement, but it has two main flagship products. They are Instantly Ageless™ and Luminesce™ and both of these products are considered the crown jewels of Jeunesse Global.

Instantly Ageless is a fast-acting skin cream designed to even out skin tone. It is one of the fastest acting skin care products on the market, and some users claim it can remove wrinkles and fine lines within seconds.

Luminesce is an anti-aging cream that improves collagen production and reduces the visible signs of aging. It is more of a long-term solution compared to Instantly Ageless, and it uses Jeunesse’s proprietary stem-cell technology to rejuvenate skin growth.

Jeunesse MLM Opportunity

Jeunesse offers their distributors a variety of ways to earn through their generous business opportunity. Some of the many ways you can earn commissions through Jeunesse include:

• Retail Sales
• First Order Bonus
• Team Commissions
• Leadership Matching Bonus
• Customer Acquisition Incentive
• Diamond Bonus Pool

Every distributor can earn any of these commissions and bonuses, but only the most active merchants will earn the highest rewards. You’ll need to both promote and sell Jeunesse products and recruit new distributors. Otherwise, you will limit your earning potential.

Is the Jeunesse MLM a Scam?

Many failed distributors claim that Jeunesse is nothing but a scam, which is unfair for several reasons. Most Jeunesse distributors do make some money, but not every Jeunesse distributor will make money.

The merchants that do fail with Jeunesse fail for two main reasons. First, some Jeunesse distributors simply don’t have the marketing skills needed to sell Jeunesse products or recruit new distributors to the program. Second, some Jeunesse distributors fail to put in the effort required to make actual money.

Neither of these reasons put the blame on Jeunesse in any way. In fact, Jeunesse actively tries to help their distributors because it in turn helps Jeunesse grow faster and larger, which is good for everybody. However, to call Jeunesse a scam simply because some distributors fail is simply not fair.

Final Words on Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse’s skin products use cutting-edge technology and scientifically proven ingredients to provide real results to users, which is why distributors find selling Jeunesse products so easy.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to start a real home based business, then Jeunesse may be the right network marketing opportunity for you. Jeunesse’s quality products and history for creating successful business owners makes it an appealing solution that you’d be wise to take advantage of before competition becomes too stiff.